Quit using the “B” word…

We’ve all heard it more times than any of us would like to admit, and many of us have used it. It’s one of the most abrasive words we will hear or say… as well as being one of the most overused. It may have even come out of your mouth this week. And, if you didn’t verbalize it, you probably thought it.

“I’m so… Busy.”

How often, when someone asks you how you are doing, is that your go-to response? We’re sharing this today because we’re all guilty of using it, and we hear it from others all the time. Along with its close cousin, “fine,” “busy” is a filler word in our vocabulary. We can insert almost anywhere without even thinking about it.

“How’s your summer been?” “Busy.”

“How’s work?” “Busy.”

“How’s the family doing?” “Busy.”

We get it. We all have a lot on our plates. We’re transitioning from one packed season to the next – from adventures at the lake to getting our kids back to school and working to end the year strong in our businesses. But wouldn’t you rather respond with something like this?

“How’s your summer been?” “Full of memory-making.”

“How’s work?” “Purpose-filled.”

“How’s the family doing?” “Growing together every day.”

Let’s go next level with this. Here’s another busy-offender. “I’m TOO busy.” This is really code for “Everything else is more of a priority to me.” Think about the last time you said, “I’m too busy.” Weren’t you really just saying that there’s a bunch of other stuff that seemed more important at the moment? I can’t do that because I’m choosing to do this.

This all comes back to how we spend our most precious resource, our time. Whether rich or poor, young or old, we all get 24 hours today to do whatever we want. So how we use our time, being intentional with it and not wasting it, is vital. This might mean working on a project, grabbing lunch with a friend, playing catch with your kids, or going for a walk.

At the end of the day, how you handle your “busy” matters.


First, quit saying you’re busy. Everyone is, and frankly, we’re all bored with that response. We expect to hear it – but you can do better than that. Be thoughtful with your answers and even more intentional with how you’re using your time. Invest in the things that matter, remove the things that don’t, and take control of your “busy” -ness as we’re making this next transition.

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