Consistency Cannot Be Inconsistent

When you think about your business or your organization, consistency is the driving force behind much of your success.

Your business development and sales teams are consistently opening the doors to new conversations. Your production teams consistently do daily activities to deliver your products and services. Project managers are consistently checking the status of the work being completed and communicating with customers. Your leadership team is consistently meeting to discuss your goals and issues, what’s working and what’s not.

Consistency drives everything.

In many cases, those things you’re doing consistently are small. If your sales team had one conversation with a new prospect each week, it might not lead to much. If your production teams showed up one day a week, that wouldn’t lead to much either. If project managers only paid attention on Mondays, and skipped checking on Tuesday through Friday, things would fall through the cracks. If leadership met once a month, with no communication in the middle, the whole thing would fall apart. In each of those examples, though, do them over and over again consistently, and the results will follow.

There’s a truth about consistency woven through these examples. Consistency cannot be inconsistent. So, how do we battle inconsistency?

Set Clear Goals Backed by Your Why

Define what you want to achieve, making sure it aligns with your why and your purpose. When you include your why in goal setting, mindful of how the goal ties to your purpose, your likelihood of staying consistent increases.

Schedule for Consistency

Create a daily or weekly routine that includes time for the areas that are most important. Block time on your calendar for the things that matter most, and stick to your routine as much as possible to build consistency.

Embrace Accountability

Surround yourself with supportive individuals who can encourage you and hold you accountable for maintaining consistency in your actions. Tell people what you’re working on, and give them a permission slip to share some tough love when needed.


Remember this… There is no substitute for consistency. Spend any time on social media, and you will get sold all of the shortcuts the world offers, each trying to side-step consistency with one-and-done solutions. None of them work. Want to achieve your goals? Consistency is the only way, so build it into your own life and how your teams work together.

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