The Importance of Our Teams

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our OrangeBall team, Kayla Dammann. But first, a few thoughts on why teams matter…

It can be easy, sometimes, to take our teams for granted. We get busy, everyone is pushing toward completing our work and goals, and the chaos of the urgent can take over. Sometimes, it’s not until we look back on all that we’ve accomplished that we realize the real value each individual brings to the table. From our experience, here’s why teams are so important…

None of us have all the skills.

With baseball season here, think of it like this. Every good baseball team needs solid pitching, powerful batters, agile fielders, and a smart catcher. No one individual can do all of these things well, and even if there was, one person couldn’t play all the positions at once. Success requires a well-rounded group of highly skilled individuals who excel in different areas, all working together. Create a balanced team like that, and anything is possible.

Teams drive diverse ideas.

A recent article from Atlassian supports this with research. “We found that groups of size three, four, and five outperformed the best individuals,” says Dr. Patrick Laughlin, a researcher at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “[We] attribute this performance to the ability of people to work together to generate and adopt correct responses, reject erroneous responses, and effectively process information.” When we combine a group of diverse individuals and their diverse ideas, we gain access to next-level thinking and results.

We’re able to support each other and take more risks.

If you’ve ever worked alone, you know what it’s like to feel isolated from time to time. Teams break down that isolation, and when we work to support one another, they allow everyone to achieve their own personal best. They also create space for taking risks and trying things that would feel too dangerous if we were alone. When we’re part of a healthy and supportive team, there’s room for experimenting and failing, which ultimately leads to growth and success for everyone.

For these reasons, and so many more, teams matter.

Speaking of teams, we’re excited to introduce you to Kayla and thank her for all of the Bounce she’s already added to OrangeBall. She’s been an important part of our team since the end of 2021, starting as a contractor, and we’re thrilled that she’s decided to join us as an employee. Kayla brings a great understanding of the relationships between marketing and sales to our team, and she is also immensely creative. As our Marketing Coordinator and SEO Strategist, she is helping us manage client relationships and marketing as well as strategy development.

If you’ve had the opportunity to work with her, you already know how easy she is to work with. If you haven’t yet, you will soon, and you’ll appreciate her work ethic and attention to detail. Welcome to the OrangeBall team, Kayla!


Look around today, and take a moment to step out from the busyness to thank your teams and teammates. Let individuals know you appreciate them, acknowledging all the ways they’re contributing to the overall success of the whole team.

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