"We've had three companies recreate our website over the years… and we never loved what we got. They were website companies that never brought any strategy to the table. None of them ever talked to us about messaging. None of them ever helped our team get aligned around who we are as a business. This goes way beyond marketing. It's going to change the way we see our business from the inside out."

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Double Down or Pull Back?

Turn on the news, and you’ll immediately be overwhelmed with the noise… the topics of inflation, interest rates, and instability are blowing up right now. Everyone is trying to figure out if we’re in a recession or not. Negativity sells, and right now, there’s plenty of pessimism and fear to go around. Just get in line. As an agency, we can’t tell you if this is a recession or how interest rates will impact borrowing… However, we have been in the game long enough to know that from a marketing perspective, two camps are forming. So what camp will you be in?

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Nothing Ever Stands Still…

Sitting down with a client over coffee this morning, we talked about the story they’re telling on their website. Things had rapidly evolved since the last time we chatted about the messaging on their site. If anything has come to light over the last two years, it is this. Things are constantly changing. That was true before the pandemic, and it is true today.

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Own What You Own and Act Like an Owner

A lot is going on in the world right now. Markets are volatile, politics are political, supply chains are broken, prices are high, and the negative noise is as loud as it’s been in a long time. There are constant reminders of everything that’s stacked up against growth, success, and the goals we’ve set for ourselves and our businesses. It can be easy to focus on those things and surrender to all the things that are out of our control. So, what do we do instead?

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Your Greatest Asset Is Your…

Of all the things you can bring to your work, no matter what role you have within your organization, what’s the greatest asset you can possess? Some might say it’s their knowledge or expertise. Others might call out their leadership ability or specific skill they possess. All of those answers could be right, but what’s the most valuable asset any of us can bring to the table?

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The Art of Differentiating Your Business

In our conversations with clients, specifically when we’re diving deep into their messaging, there’s one critical element every organization needs to clarify: What makes you different? Understanding this and communicating it is essential when it comes to telling your story and creating connections to your brand. Here are three things to consider…

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