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Take Advantage of This Pitstop

If you've ever watched cars racing, you've likely witnessed a crash. While they're cleaning up the debris on the track, the pace car comes out, and all the racers have to slow down. In that moment, when going fast is not an option, the smart drivers take advantage of the opportunity and make a pitstop. Here are three insights that you should be paying attention to when things slow down...

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Seeing the World from Above the Clouds

The numbers keep rising, and the world keeps changing. From where we’re standing, things can look pretty grim. It reminds us of a flight we took on a cloudy morning from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. As our plane took off the skies were overcast and dark, but as we broke through the cloud deck, we were greeted by an explosion of vibrant sunshine and expansive blue skies. The sun had been there the whole time, it was just hidden by the clouds. Some thoughts from OrangeBall on seeing above the clouds when everything looks dark...

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Does Your Logo Really Matter?

Nike and their swoosh. Target and their bullseye. Starbucks and their mermaid. Barbie with her pink signature. Apple with their... apple. We’ve been doing a lot of logo designs lately, and it got us thinking... For these familiar, global brands, their logos are simple marks that signify something much more significant. So what if you’re not Nike or Apple? Does your logo really matter, and is it something you should pay any attention to?

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Life on the Skinny Branches – Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Our good friends Jaime Taets and Erica Roelike from Keystone Group just released a Superpower Success Podcast episode that asked this question, “Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?” They went on to talk about a simple concept. To grow, we need to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions that challenge us. Put another way, the comfort zone is the danger zone. With that in mind, stop and think for a moment. Professionally or personally, are you doing anything today that feels uncomfortable? Here’s where that question led us...

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What Do They Really Think of You?

What do your customers and clients think of you? Do you know how they feel, or are you merely assuming you know? Are you guessing that since they’re not saying anything, they’re happy and satisfied – or will you find out they were unhappy after they move on? There’s a difference between knowing the answers to these questions and assuming you know the answers.

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Who Do I Know That Can Help You?

Over the last couple of weeks, the simple act of asking this question has opened amazing doors. We’ve been able to help connect clients to people in our network that can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. We’ve also been on the receiving end of this, gratefully saying yes to referrals from clients and other agencies as well. “Who do I know that can help you?” Here’s why that simple question is so powerful and how to leverage it for yourself...

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