Patience is a Virtue

Patience. It’s something we can all agree is noble. “Patience is a virtue.” That has a nice ring to it. It’s great in concept, unless you’re in that middle space where you’re having to BE patient every day. Then, patience can take on some other feelings. Frustrating, discouraging, held back… So how do you keep moving forward in those middle moments where you feel stuck and held back?

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The Mission Behind Your Mission

As we’re working with clients, our main focus is on making sure their marketing messages are engaging and reflective of their values. Part of this conversation almost always includes their mission statement. You can usually find these mission statements up on a wall somewhere prominent in their building where customers can see it, and teams can walk past it every day. But, when we pull staff into a conference room and ask them about it, even if they can remember it or repeat their mission statement, many don’t FEEL it.

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Taking a Moment to Celebrate Who We Are Together

It seems fitting, with the Fourth of July just around the corner, to take a moment and celebrate America. As in, to celebrate all of us, you and I. Americans. No matter where you fall along the political divide we’re experiencing, one thing we can agree on is that when we come together, we can do anything. We know this is true because we see it every day...

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Changing “There’s Not Enough” to “There’s More Than Enough”

For a while, the concept of an abundance mindset seemed soft. There was no way you could simply think abundance into existence. It didn’t make sense. What changed that mindset for us was the realization that the thoughts we were already thinking were pretty powerful, and they weren’t all good. Here are some of the things we were thinking (and how we altered them)...

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5 Things We Wish We Knew When We Launched OrangeBall

Business is a journey, life is a journey, and we’re all on it. In those moments when you feel like you’re the only one figuring this out as you go, you’re not. We’re all in this together, walking slightly different paths, but learning day by day. Here are 5 things we wish we knew when we launched OrangeBall...

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Brand Defined

When it comes to marketing, “brand” is a word that is often misunderstood. It’s like the word “culture” in business. Hard to wrap our arms around. You probably have a general idea as to what it is, but take just a moment now to look at it through a different lens...

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Brick by Brick

Nothing worthwhile happens quickly, and everything is built in steps and stages. When we slow down to reflect for a moment, we see this in our business all the time. The best things, and the things that are the most valuable, require long effort and work. Nothing worth building or achieving comes easy. Here are three areas we see this at OrangeBall that we hope resonate with you as well…

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One in a Row

It can be really easy to get caught up in the numbers and quantity, losing sight of the wins that hold the most significance. Today, we’re celebrating the number one. The original. The beginning. The moment that opened the door. Do you remember when you tried something new for the first time?

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