Redefining Who a Leader Is

“Leader” is a label that we have traditionally assigned to individuals in positions with some kind of influence. You’re a CEO, you’re a president, you’re a VP or director, you’re a manager… Those people are leaders. Yes, individuals with titles like those find themselves in leadership positions. But what about the people on our teams that don’t have “leadership” titles. Don’t they still have the ability to lead, even though their titles don’t scream “leader” in bold letters on their business card?

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Be There, Play, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude

Years ago, we got acquainted with the book FISH! Based on filmmaker John Christensen’s encounters at the Seattle Fish Market, the book unpacks how the hard work of packing and throwing fish became a successful business and a great workplace culture. Through his visits to the market and interviews with the team, Christensen unlocked four simple (powerful) practices that impact culture creation...

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Unleashing Your Potential (And Helping Others Do the Same)

"Our purpose is to impact the world by guiding others to unleash their potential with a servant approach." This is our mission. It's what gets us out of bed each morning, guides how we show up, and is our measuring stick for success. If we've done this for our clients at the day's end, then we've accomplished our greatest goal. So, how does this affect you? How can you unleash yours and others' potential?

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Summertime, Baking Cakes, and Being Present…

If you've ever tried to bake a cake, you know the importance of measuring and mixing all the ingredients correctly. A little of this and a little of that, all mixed in the correct ratios and in the proper order, and the outcome is tasty. Mix in the wrong amounts, or combine them at the wrong time, and you get something different. "So what?" you might ask, "how does this apply to my summer?"

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Bottling Up Bounce!

This morning, Beau shared a video of his retriever pup Brie running around the living room in circles. She was barely able to contain the excitement of being alive, and you could feel it as you watched the video. It was contagious. I made a comment that we should bottle that feeling up and sell it to humans, to which Ciara quickly chimed in, “We basically are! It’s Bounce!”

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Doing Common Things in an Uncommon Way

"When you do the common things in an uncommon way, you'll command the attention of the world." - George Washington Carver You have things you need to do today that will feel common. They feel forgettable and undeserving of our best energy. They are the "check this off my list" tasks that we want to get done and get over. Compared to the uncommon, more exciting things we'll do today, they feel unimportant. How can you find ways to do those everyday things in an uncommon way?

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Two Ears and One Mouth

"So, tell me a little bit more about that if you could." In a recent meeting with a client, exploring the messages they wanted their website to communicate to customers, we heard something that piqued our interest. We immediately asked to hear more – to dig deeper into the statement they had just shared – but we took it one step further as well.

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