Embrace the Quiet. Be the Good.

There's something about this time of year that allows us to slow down, if just for a moment, and get quiet. On the backside of shopping, the hustle, the parties, and what can feel like holiday chaos, there's room for us to turn off the noise and experience a little bit of stillness. The Christmas stories and holiday songs all point to this…

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The Greatest Gift of the Season? Grace.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree, jingling our bells, and decking our halls. Immerse yourself in your favorite holiday playlist, and it would seem that all the winter wonderlands are full of joy. But what if life is full of stress for you right now? What about for others? You can't usually make everything better with a kind word, but there is something anyone can give that will make a difference...

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Blending Past, Future, and Present

We’re entering that time of year when things get just a little janky. We find ourselves reflecting on the last eleven months and simultaneously thinking ahead to the goals we want to set in the coming year. ‘Tis the season. At the same time, we’re in a month that calls us to be present and “be” where our feet are. It feels a little like what Scrooge experiences in a Christmas Carol as the ghosts visit him in the night. Even just writing that last paragraph, the whole thing seems like an overwhelming tangled mess of string. Let’s unravel the mess a bit. Here are some thoughts on blending past, future, and present…

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