Connecting the Dots Between EOS and Marketing

Over the years, we’ve partnered with many clients who run their businesses on the EOS® platform. As a company that has experience running on EOS, OrangeBall has a good understanding of how the system works and where EOS provides a nice foundation for building marketing success. Here are a few insights we’ve picked up along the way…

Purpose and Core Values – Running on an operating system like EOS provides good clarity for businesses regarding their “why” and what drives them. From the marketing side, wrapping purpose into the story you’re trying to tell is essential.

Target Market – From a positioning standpoint, companies that run on EOS know their lane(s). They have a good baseline understanding of who their customers are and how they are making their buying decisions.

Differentiators and Value Prop – EOS brands have explored what differentiates them in the marketplace. They’ve challenged what makes them unique and know what value prop they’re bringing to customers – as well as how that value prop compares to others in their industry.

Core Focus and Audience – Experience has taught us that EOS companies know what their core focus is. The system pushes them not to spread themselves too thin by trying to be all things to all people. They are confident in who their customer is – and who is not.

Scorecard and Rhythm – What gets measured gets done. Using a business operating system that includes rhythm and tempo, like the EOS model, helps drive movement, action, and accountability – the things that drive consistent marketing work and results.

Do you run on EOS?

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*Authentic, the LIFT Integrator Community, and OrangeBall are not affiliated with EOS Worldwide.

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