Do You Care More Than Your Customers Do?

“We care more than they do.” A client said this the other day in regards to the customers they serve. The room went a little quiet when it was shared, and the question immediately ran through my head, “How can we as a partner care more than our clients do about their success?”

Without diving too deep, here’s where they were going when they made that statement. The people and the brands we all work with already want to win. They care deeply about their brands and are committed to their own growth and success, however they’re defining and measuring those two areas. With that in mind, making the statement “We care more than they do” is not saying they don’t care.

They do care, at a very high level… and that’s the point.

Their level of care is what should set the bar for us. It’s what should drive us to dive into the details, be proactive vs. reactive, and show up prepared to deliver above and beyond what’s asked. Talk to most businesses, they’ll say that’s how they show up. The question is this… Where’s the evidence? How are you showing that you care more?

I’m writing this for two reasons. First, it is a reminder to our team at OrangeBall who will read this. We need to care this much, about every detail, for our customers. That will look different every day, in every situation, but it needs to be our standard. We need to be able to show up to our team meetings with stories of what this looks like and how we lived it out for the clients we serve.

Second, it’s a reminder to everyone else reading this. Think about what this looks like in your own business, and consider how you can follow the example that this client gave us the other day. Ask the question, “What does it look like for us to care more?”

It’s simple this week, just two words… Care more.

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