When My Future Me Thanks My Today Me

“My Future Me will be very happy with my Today Me.”

This came up in a team meeting the other day as we were discussing the topic of decision-making and what guides that. Simply put, the statement above asks this question. Will the decisions I am making today be choices I am proud of tomorrow?

Often, this means doing something today that is challenging. It means stepping into your fears and embracing some discomfort. It means doing the hard work and being held accountable for the actions you’re taking today… paving the path for your Future Me’s success.

We’re going to keep today’s message short and sweet, simply prompting a couple of questions for you…

What if each of the individuals on our teams adopted this mindset and brought it to their work every day? An even better question is this: What if we created cultures around this concept and supported one another as we walked through those challenges and did the hard work?

That last question is the key. As leaders, if we expect our teams to do the hard work today, then we need to create environments that support them and their decisions to do hard things. If they feel unsupported, they’ll never show up like this.

Don’t mistake this for a message on having everyone work harder. That’s not it. It’s a message about creating spaces where people are willing to take risks, embrace challenges, and accept accountability. There is a difference.


First, ask yourself, “Will my Future Me be happy with my Today Me?” Or, will you regret the choices you made and the challenges you stepped around because they were uncomfortable? Then, ask yourself one more question. “Are we creating a culture that supports this mindset for our teams?”

Make a decision today and do something your Future Me will be happy with.

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