Can I Trust You?

Trust. It’s one of those words that gets tossed around pretty freely, often without a lot of thought. Businesses and organizations like to include it as a core value or a differentiator, but it rarely has any teeth when you drill down a little deeper. We’ve watered-down its meaning, and over time, it has taken on less and less power.

We were on a call this morning, working with a client to define what differentiates their brand, and trust was one of the things they shared. Immediately, based on the watered-down nature of the word, we pushed back a little bit and asked them to share what trust really meant to them. Without sharing the details of the stories they told to back it up, here’s what they shared about trust…

Do The Right Thing
Trust begins with integrity – the kind of integrity that makes you want to do the right thing even when it’s hard. As this client shared, “Integrity is how we do business.” He then shared an example of what that looked like and how they chose “right, not easy” in a challenging situation. Another individual on our call chimed in, “Integrity, and doing the right thing when it’s hard, is what has created longevity for our business. You can’t build longevity without trust.”

Do What You Say
“We’re consistent, and we’re dependable. Trust is forged on that.” As we dug deeper, consistency and dependability were two other ingredients required to create trust. One individual put it this way, “We don’t overstate what we’re going to deliver. We shoot straight. Then, we deliver what we say.”

Do Solid Work Over Time
“Our team has decades of experience. Clients trust us because they know that we know what we’re doing.” Experience in the arena of trust-building cannot be overlooked. When you bring together a team that has a deep history and expertise in their space, that experience adds to the confidence and trust clients have in your brand. Skills and abilities in anything are built over time, through successes and failures, and constant learning.

Think about your own brand. If you were going to define what trust looks like and feels like for your customers, what stories would you share? Then, step into the role of a consumer. What are some examples of brands you trust, and why do you trust them?

We can all take some time to consider where trust fits in our own organizations. How are you building trust for your customers, and where does trust fit within your teams. We’d love to hear your feedback on how and where trust is impacting your organizations and experiences!

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