Bottling Up Bounce!

This morning, Beau shared a video of his retriever pup Brie running around the living room in circles. She was barely able to contain the excitement of being alive, and you could feel it as you watched the video. It was contagious. I made a comment that we should bottle that feeling up and sell it to humans, to which Ciara quickly chimed in, “We basically are! It’s Bounce!”

There are so many reasons to celebrate her response…

First, Ciara is right. Anyone can build you a website or design your new logo, but Bounce differentiates us as an agency. We say it on our website, “We bring Bounce to everything we do.” It’s one of those things that can be hard to define, but you know it when you feel it. So what’s Bounce?

For us, it shows up in the way we approach our work as makers and creatives, always trying to combine form and function in new ways. Clients feel it in our interactions with them – we’re always trying to bring positivity and energy to everything we do. When you work with OrangeBall, you feel something different. There’s an excitement we get from helping clients unlock their potential that flows into everything we do. That’s Bounce.

The second reason to celebrate Ciara’s response is this… We are creating a culture where our entire team is embracing Bounce. As businesses, we put core values and mission statements up on our walls and expect everyone to rally around them. In many cases, staff can’t even remember what those core values and mission statements say. We’ve overcomplicated our words and made what we stand for generic. Bounce, on the other hand, is memorable and an idea we can chase. It sums up who we are at OrangeBall in one word – and it’s something we’re all focused on every day.

Here’s the final reason to celebrate Ciara’s response. Every one of us can bring Bounce to the world we live and work in, including YOU! Bounce is not just an OrangeBall thing. If we embrace it, we can all be ambassadors of Bounce to our teams and clients. We can bring it home with us as well, sharing it with family and friends. We all have the opportunity to show up with energy and positivity – and frankly, that’s what the world needs from us right now more than ever.


Bring Bounce. Show up today a little different. Be intentionally positive and energetic. Run around in circles like Brie and get excited about the fact that you are alive today. Then, share that excitement with someone else.

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