Summertime, Baking Cakes, and Being Present…

If you’ve ever tried to bake a cake, you know the importance of measuring and mixing all the ingredients correctly. A little of this and a little of that, all mixed in the correct ratios and in the proper order, and the outcome is tasty. Mix in the wrong amounts, or combine them at the wrong time, and you get something different.

Summertime feels a little bit like that cake. We’re in that three-month stretch of June, July, and August, where we find ourselves pulled between the projects we have on our plates and the desire to enjoy family, friends, and the summer sun. As we write this, our team is just coming off of a fantastic July Fourth weekend, and people are creating those summertime memories with the people they care about. We’re all trying to put together the right ratio of ingredients – time dedicated to working and time dedicated to playing – mixing it all together to create something good.

Work and play… they’re both essential, just like all the ingredients in that cake. But, too much of this or too little of that, and everything gets out of sync.

Our message for you today (and a reminder for ourselves as well) is to try to find the right recipe for work and fun. There’s plenty to be done at the office, which is a massive blessing. And, at the same time, we all need to create that time to disconnect, recharge, and enjoy this summer. Make some time and take some time to be with the people you love, to create those important memories, and to slow down. Most important, whichever moment you find yourself in – the work or the play – be present in it.

Before you know it, another summer will be over. The kids will start heading back to school, and August’s heat will give way to September’s brisk mornings. It happens in an instant. When summer fades away, you’ll either have a nice mix of new memories and great accomplishments at work, or you’ll be left wishing you had a little more of one or the other. Finding your balance is essential.

Soak in this summer. Work hard, chase your goals, and show up at work all-in. Then, when it’s time for play, go all-in on that. Be present wherever you’re at, and give 100% to whatever you’re doing. From our team to yours, have a fantastic summer!

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