Don’t Take It For Granted Again

Before the pandemic, there were a lot of things we took for granted… Being able to grab lunch or coffee with a client. Being able to sit with our teams in conference rooms to brainstorm, mask-free. Being able to go on-location with a customer to work with them side-by-side. Dipping out a little early on a Thursday afternoon to watch our kids play sports or pick them up from school.

Then, a year ago, that all changed. So many of those simple things we took for granted were swept up quickly, and we were left living in a very different world. Home became an office, a classroom, a restaurant, a church, a daycare… and our bubble. In an instant, there were no more client lunches, in-person team meetings, or afternoon lacrosse games. Instead, everything got quiet for a brief moment – a moment that sometimes felt like decades.

Now, as we’re beginning to step through this experience and the world is coming back to life, here’s a challenge for all of us. Don’t take those same things for granted again. Appreciate them, soak them in, and show up to them as your best self.

Go to the client’s lunch and be thankful that you’re able to see each other, sit with each other, and be together. Meet with your team and enjoy their company, their creativity, and their personalities. Go see a client in their space and be grateful that you can, and that they still have a space to go to. Savor the relationships. At 3:00, when you’re rushing to get things done so you can make that game for your kids… be thankful there is a game to rush to.

The point is this. It’s going to be so easy, as things open back up, to return to normal. It’s going to be easy to take all of this for granted again, and that will happen quickly if we let it. Instead, be intentionally thankful for each opportunity and remember what it felt like when they were all taken away. It was painful when it was gone. Love it, now that it’s coming back.

Taking things for granted happens when we quit being intentional, and the rhythm of life takes over. Wake up, work, go to sleep, repeat. The repetition is dangerous – it can lull us to sleep. So today, think about all of those things that you’re excited to let back into your life, and make a simple promise to yourself… No, I won’t take these things for granted again.

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