Positive On Purpose

There’s no way around it. Positivity is a choice. Amidst our biggest challenges, both professional and personal, our ability to choose positivity is a game changer. We believe it’s so important, we’ve included it in our six core values. Many times, our positivity (or negativity) dictates our results. It opens and closes doors, and it unleashes the potential in ourselves and those around us. Why is it so powerful?

Positivity is attractive.
It’s magnetic and draws in other positive people to create environments where teams strengthen and support one another and achieve more. We all want to be around positive people. They fill our tanks and inspire us. Negativity is a repellent.

Positivity is an accelerant.
It has the power to create mindsets where anything is possible and where positive people working together can create amazing momentum. It opens the doors to big-picture thinking and allows us to create alignment around a shared vision that we can run toward. Negativity will slow you down.

Positivity is productive.
Positive teams and work environments promote heightened creativity, employee happiness, and cultures that achieve more. When we’re working in cultures filled with antagonism, distrust, and suspicion, it’s hard to build teams and collaborate together. Negativity hampers results.

We all have the capability and influence to bring positivity to those around us. For us, this starts within OrangeBall, from the leadership circle to our team. It impacts how we treat one another, how we accept ideas and feedback, and how we support each other. That base needs to be strong before we can start to bring positivity out to our clients. It needs to be an authentic part of who we are internally before we share it externally.

Then, and only if it genuinely exists within us as an organization, we can share it with those we work with every day. It’s our job in the face of the ups and downs, and some days the challenges that come with leading creative projects, to guide our customers with a positive-first focus. We set the tone and are responsible for making this part of the process and experience they have with OrangeBall.

Choose positivity, in the easy moments AND the ones that feel more challenging. This is what it means to be Positive on Purpose. Our challenge for you is to be intentional once today to bring something positive to the experience of your teams and customers.