Own What You Own and Act Like an Owner

A lot is going on in the world right now. Markets are volatile, politics are political, supply chains are broken, prices are high, and the negative noise is as loud as it’s been in a long time. There are constant reminders of everything that’s stacked up against growth, success, and the goals we’ve set for ourselves and our businesses.

It can be easy to focus on those things and surrender to all the things that are out of our control.

That said, there is an alternative. When the noise gets loud, and circumstances seem stacked against you, you can focus on the things you CAN control.

Choosing Positivity
Your attitude amid all these challenges is the first thing you need to get aligned. Too often, our attitudes end up aligning with circumstances we can’t control. When we realign our attitude to what we can control and layer some positivity on top of those things, results begin changing.

The second thing that we own, and have ultimate control over, is the amount of effort we exert. The temptation can be to throw our hands up and give up when challenges arise. Instead, take inventory of the areas where your effort will make a difference, and do the work. Yes, circumstances may seem like your enemy in the moment. You may not be able to control that, but you can control how you show up.

Your Circle
Too often, we surround ourselves with voices that perpetuate that negative noise, making our situations feel worse. If we own our circles and intentionally protect that space, we can help ensure that the time and energy we’re investing in people is being invested with the right people. Not everyone is going to add positivity and growth to you or your business. You own that space… protect it well.

Adding Value
Speaking of people who add value to you, focus on adding value to others. Alongside owning our effort, we own the amount of value we add to the world around us. Add value to your teams, your clients, and the businesses you partner with every day. Make adding value your go-to, regardless of what you’ll get in return. By owning how much you add to the world, you’ll be shocked to see what naturally comes back in your direction.

Guard Your Tongue
We own the words that come out of our mouths, and the words we speak have power. Many times, simply saying something out loud increases the odds that it will become a reality. Guard your tongue and how you speak, and use that power to lift things up, not continue pushing them down.

Own what you can own, and let the rest go. So many things right now are out of our control… but at the same time, we own so many other areas in our lives. Today, act like an owner.

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