Your Greatest Asset Is Your…

Of all the things you can bring to your work, no matter what role you have within your organization, what’s the greatest asset you can possess? Some might say it’s their knowledge or expertise. Others might call out their leadership ability or specific skill they possess. All of those answers could be right, but what’s the most valuable asset any of us can bring to the table? Our attitude.

No matter how talented, skilled, or knowledgeable a teammate might be, if their attitude sucks, it can suck the energy out of a room. We’ve all worked alongside people like this, and it is exhausting. Just like a single drop of poison can contaminate an entire pitcher of water, a bad attitude can do the same within any organization. It’s hard to contain it, control it, or constrain it. And, if we condone it, we can’t conquer it.

Attitude is everything, and being intentional in bringing the right attitude is essential.

A good attitude has the power to energize a room. Just like the poison can contaminate an entire pitcher of water, a good attitude has the same ability to permeate an organization. It is contagious in the best way.

With that in mind, here are some attributes of a good attitude that we can all work to strengthen…

  • Positivity – How do you react when things get challenging or tough?
  • Gratitude – How grateful are you for where you’re at today (not focusing on what you haven’t achieved yet)?
  • Optimism – How willing are you to go for it and take some risks?
  • Generous – How open are you to giving or sharing, especially when it won’t directly benefit you?
  • Grit – How do you show up amid failures or falling down?

We said above that these are areas you can strengthen. Here’s why that’s important… You may not be naturally grateful. It might be an area that you struggle in personally. That’s no excuse to settle into a life without gratitude. It’s a challenge to double down in this area, work to cultivate more gratitude in your life, and get stronger. Making your attitude your greatest asset means being intentional and not making excuses for those areas where you’re a little weaker or have some gaps.

We’ve heard it before, “Attitude is everything.” It’s true. Your attitude is your greatest asset and can make up for gaps in your expertise, skills, and knowledge while growing in those areas. Make sure that you’re intentional in keeping your attitude strong and contagious in a good way. If you’re a leader and have someone on your team who is attitude-challenged, don’t let them poison the pitcher. Address it quickly because it’s contagious as well.

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