Nothing Ever Stands Still…

Sitting down with a client over coffee this morning, we talked about the story they’re telling on their website. Things had rapidly evolved since the last time we chatted about the messaging on their site. “Not only have we grown our team, but we’ve also brought in a new process we want to talk about, as well as a new product we want to introduce to our customers. On top of that, we’ve learned a few things about what our perfect customer is looking for that we want to speak to.”

If anything has come to light over the last two years, it is this. Things are constantly changing. That was true before the pandemic, and it is true today.

Nothing ever stands still.

With that in mind, ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. In the last year, what has changed about our business or organization?
Specifically, ask yourself how your business or organization has grown. Look for new products or services you’ve added to your offering and the products and services you’ve eliminated. What has changed that you need to share with your customers/clients?

2. In the last year, what is our perfect customer/client telling us they want?
Our customers/clients are constantly telling us what they want from us. What are yours trying to tell you? Are they sharing new challenges and struggles that you can help them solve? Do they have new goals you can help them achieve? Listening to what they’re telling you is key to giving them what they’re searching for. Listening will also give you valuable insights into what your perfect customer looks like and who isn’t a good fit, leading us to question three…

3. What’s our sweet spot today?
Or in other words, what do we want to do more, and what do we want to do less? Think about the products or services you are most passionate about delivering or are most excited to share with customers/clients. Are there specific products/services that provide more profit than others, and are there products/services that are less profitable? Knowing your sweet spot allows you to focus your energy.

Too often, these questions get asked when a website is being created or redesigned, and then years pass before they ever get asked again. From a marketing perspective, our advice is simple. Every year, invest some time asking and answering these questions.

Knowing that nothing ever stands still, including your business or organization, then how you’re telling your story shouldn’t stand still either.

Make your message and how you’re telling your brand’s story a priority. The answers to these questions may be the difference between attracting that new client/customer and losing your next big opportunity.

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