Enjoy Your Highlight Reel

Meeting with clients over the past few weeks, we’ve been included at the table for some of their 2024 preparation and goal setting. These partners are ending the year with their foot on the gas, not coasting aimlessly into the new year. They’re the best people to hang out with.

Most conversations in these meetings are future-focused, envisioning what’s possible and setting goals. Having had a seat in these rooms, when time is spent looking in the rear-view, it can be easy to fixate on what didn’t go well. Our failures, missed opportunities, and the areas where we fell short always stick out.

Today, though, we want you to look for something different in the rear-view… Enjoy your highlight reel.

Don’t wait until later to do this. Take a few minutes now and start writing down your 2023 highlight list. Here are some questions you can ask to brainstorm…

  • Were there notable customer success stories or positive feedback?
  • What new products, services, or features were successfully launched or improved?
  • In what ways did the business improve operational processes and efficiency?
  • Were there initiatives to enhance team collaboration and morale?
  • How did the business respond to industry trends, challenges, and disruptions?
  • Were there notable partnerships or collaborations that benefited the business?
  • What lessons from 2023 can we carry forward to enhance our future?
  • Did we engage in activities that brought us a sense of purpose and fulfillment?
  • How did we navigate unexpected challenges and changes?
  • In what ways did we demonstrate resilience and adaptability?
  • Were there any significant “aha” moments or breakthroughs?
  • Did we contribute positively to the lives of those around us?


Looking backward, it can be easy to miss the highlights. Taking time to celebrate our successes can feel like a luxury, easily getting shuffled to the bottom of the priority list. There’s always one more thing to do, one more fire to put out, and one more distraction to deal with. We’ll get to the highlights later…

Make “later” right now. This year, as you’re making and taking time to set your goals for 2024, add some reflection to the process where you watch your highlight reel. Enjoy the movie you’ve directed over 2023, and use it as your launchpad for 2024!

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