Resisting the Urge to Coast Through December

We hear it all of the time. “It’s December. With so much going on, it’s time to coast. Plus, no one wants to connect right now anyway. We might as well just catch back up on everything in January.”

Let me start with this. I get it. The period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, stretching into the new year, feels different. There are parties in December. There’s holiday shopping to get done, and there are cookies to bake. The vibe is a little different this time of year… and it should be.

I had a conversation with a client about this the other day, asking him about the tendency to coast through this last month of the year. He shared with me three quick insights that framed how he approaches the end of the year well…

1. Keep your foot on the gas. Just do different work. To sum up what he shared with me, he said this. “It’s not that I take my foot off the gas this time of year. I keep working hard, I do different types of work in December. My goal is to make the most of the month, so I adjust course a bit.” As everyone else slows down, this is your opportunity to leap ahead, gain some ground, and close some gaps. December is a great time to do some of the work you haven’t invested in the other eleven months of the year.

2. Nurture your network. He continued to share this. “My network is gold, and December is my opportunity to spend time connecting with my favorite people in that network. It’s not even about connecting on projects. It’s about connecting as humans.” The holidays are a season of joy for many and challenges for others. As things get quieter, it’s a great chance to be more present in conversations and connect. When we prioritize that connection this month, in a way that can feel more challenging in July, everybody wins.

3. Use this time to plan and prepare. Finally, he gave me this gold nugget. “December is when I prepare for the new year. We set our goals, and we work hard to make sure that when the new year hits, we’re prepped and ready to go.” This is the perfect time of year to work on your business, not in it. It’s the perfect time to focus on those things you missed throughout the year and plan for what’s on the horizon.

Yes, the environment may change between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the new year. Yes, prospects may be less interested in having conversations about new projects or signing that next big deal. Yes, there may be cookies to bake… and eat.


The point is this. December is a different kind of month, but it doesn’t have to be a permission slip to coast. Instead, use this time as an opportunity to end the year strong and begin the new one even stronger. Stay focused and do the work. Adjust course a bit, and do different work, but keep your foot on the gas. Make the most of this month!

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