Your Greatest Superpower: Mindset and Mind Setting

It’s John here from OrangeBall. I have a question for you… What’s your greatest superpower?

For years, I’ve claimed that my greatest superpowers are curiosity and my ability to ask good questions. That’s been my go-to response, and I am as good at it as anyone else.

Recently, though, I’ve experienced a shift in that answer. Yes, I am still intensely curious and good at asking the right questions. Do I do it as well or better than most anyone else? Yep. But today, my greatest superpower is something very different.

It’s my mindset.

I have gotten to the point over the last year where I realize that the curiosity and asking good questions are both skills that I’ve developed over time. Those skills are both immensely valuable to me personally. In our agency conversations about marketing strategy and creative thinking, these skills also bring value to our clients every day.

Let me ask you this, though… What happens to someone who possesses great skills but doesn’t bring the right mindset to those skills?

If I am a world-class skier like Mikaela Shiffrin, but I lack the right mindset, will I win? If I am Elon Musk with massive ambitions and vision, but I lack the right mindset, will I ever launch rockets into space? If I am Mother Teresa and I am driven to help the poorest of the poor, but I lack the right mindset, will I change the world?

A world-class alpine skier, a visionary tech entrepreneur, a humble servant leader… and even you as you’re reading this. No matter the skills you possess, if you don’t get your mindset squared away, you’ll never achieve your goals or reach your potential.

So, if mindset is so important, how do we ensure ours is in the right place?

The wrong mindset will pull you away from your goals. It is self-critical, will tell you you’re never enough, and often remind you that you don’t deserve success. It is controlled by fear, thoughts of everything that can and will go wrong, and feelings of lack. It dwells on failures and expects more of them. It sees challenges as insurmountable obstacles.

The right mindset will propel you toward your goals. It is self-affirming, reminding you of your worth and potential. It instills confidence and the belief that you deserve success. It is guided by courage, focusing on opportunities, and believing that things will go right. It fosters feelings of abundance and gratitude. It learns from failures and uses them as stepping stones. It sees challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.


If this is true, and your mindset is your greatest superpower, then the next question for today is this… Where’s my mindset at and what areas do I need to work on?

Remember this. In those areas where you need a little work to strengthen your mindset, one of the best things you can do is to surround yourself with other people who have strong mindsets of their own and are doing work in this space for themselves. Mindset can be a team activity – as long as you’re surrounding yourself with the right team.

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