Yes, it’s still OK to laugh so hard you cry.

One of the best things that have come about through all of this year’s video chats is our exposure to each other’s mug collections. If you look closely, you might just catch a glimpse during your next Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

That happened this morning, to which the following was exclaimed, “That’s a BIG mug!”

Here’s why we’re sharing this… That simple statement led to one of those elusive “laugh so hard you cry” moments during today’s team Skype call. In the midst of everything going on, it was refreshing to just laugh together for a moment. To be goofy and dumb. To enjoy a giggle with one another.

It’s been a busy week here at OrangeBall. Websites to launch, logos to be designed, messages to be written, social campaigns to manage… Layer on top of that everything that’s going on in our world, and we sometimes forget to just laugh. It can be easy to let all the weight crush our joy – unless we’re intentional to protect it.

This reminded us of a conversation we led during this year’s recent PENworks conference. The topic was resilience, and in our discussion, two participants shared insights from inside our local medical communities. Leading teams at hospitals and clinics, they know their staff is being asked to do more with less, more than ever before. The burdens are intense, the days are long, and they’re being asked to show up in new ways every day.

When asked how they cope with all that tension, their response was thought-provoking. In their words, “We look for ways to laugh together, to lighten the mood, and to find humor in our days… even when the stress is high.” Both of these healthcare leaders agreed. In high-stress environments, it’s still important to laugh.

We’ve been encouraging this as much as we can within our team. Even though we’re working mostly virtual at the moment, we’re still having team calls multiple times a week and connecting over virtual lunches as well. Those times together include sharing odd facts, funny happenings at home, what our kids and pets are up to, and anything else that will help spark a giggle or connection.


Create some room to laugh. Even amid the challenges, find ways to share some laughter together. Start with a giggle or a grin, build up to something side-splitting that leads to crying, and if you’re fortunate… even a snort. The world needs more of that right now, and it starts with each of us in our circles. Be the catalyst for a chuckle this week, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll laugh so hard your ribs hurt just a little the next day.

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