Wednesday in America

It’s Wednesday… the day after elections in America. Full disclosure – we wrote this message before we knew the outcome. This is being crafted with full blinders on. Whatever happened yesterday, right now roughly half of you are excited about the outcome and the direction things are trending. The other half of you are dismayed, upset, and all-around disappointed in the results.

There’s a chance that even now, as you’re reading this, we still have no idea who won. Here’s what we do know, without a shadow of a doubt…

Regardless who won/wins, where we go from here is less about who’s in the White House and more about how we step up as individuals. Yes, it matters who gets elected, but we are still responsible for one another at the end of the day. We’re the ones responsible for protecting each other’s freedoms, for creating change, for caring for our homeless and hungry, and for lifting each other up when challenges arise.

This pandemic has proven that. When local businesses were facing COVID, it wasn’t the president who spent his money to support them; it was us. When our neighbors lost their jobs and found themselves in need, we were the ones who stepped up to help keep them fed. Our nurses and doctors were the ones who put themselves on the front lines to care for our family members and friends when they got sick.

You, and better yet “we,” are more powerful than we’re given credit for. We the people – Americans – are a powerful force when we come together. And now more than ever before, that’s what we need to do.

Together, we can get through this pandemic.

Together, we can fight racial injustice.

Together, we can feed the hungry, care for the homeless, and make sure no one feels less than.

Together, we can raise our kids and position them for a brighter future.

Together, we can build great businesses, fuel innovation, and continue being makers and creators.

Whether we’re looking ahead to four more years of Donald Trump, or a new president in Joe Biden, it’s on each of us to step up right now. The oval office may be theirs, but America is still ours.


Today, whether you’re ecstatic or embittered, don’t forget who you really are – an American. And keep your eye on the prize, namely what we can all do together when we work and stand side-by-side. The future is ours. We need to step up today and do something with it.

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