What Habit Would You Be Willing to Repeat One Hundred Times?

Today, as you’re reading this, you are enjoying OrangeBall Insight’s 100th blog post. For the last two years, we’ve shared conversations we’ve had with people just like you, the lessons we’ve picked up running our own business, insights on marketing and content, and some random thoughts that don’t fit into any bucket at all. It’s been a joy to walk beside each of you and hear your feedback on what we’ve shared here. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

The idea of writing blog number one hundred unlocked some interesting lines of thought…

First, when we start doing anything, how often do we begin with the end in mind? How often do we dream big when we launch a new project? When we launched Insights, we didn’t know what kind of impact we would create. It was initially designed as a tool that we could use to stay top-of-mind with our customers and a place where we could hopefully add a little value in the process. It shifted over the first six months, as we quickly realized that adding value was much more important and that if we did that well, we’d stay top-of-mind naturally.

Second, how resistant or open are we to let our visions evolve? Insights began as a blog focused on marketing. It evolved into a platform where we could share thoughts on leading with positivity, core values, relationships, and how faith fits in all of this. We had to be comfortable and open to that shift. Sure, we still talk about marketing content and the importance of a clear message to tell your story, but we’ve spent more time sharing our insights on how we collectively show up than anything else. We’ve shared moments of success, a little bit of failure, a whole lot of positivity, and a few stories about making tough choices.

Let’s go there for a second – to the conversations about tough choices. Authenticity has been a focus of this blog from the very beginning, and we’ve tried to be as transparent as we can. That has proven to be the most magnetic part of this blog. Being genuine is magnetic, more than any other trait we can possess. If you have that, people will be naturally drawn to you. In a time where authenticity is a word that gets tossed around like a beach ball, actually living it out changes everything. People see it, and they love it.

Last, let’s chat about the concept of consistency. Where does that fit into this conversation? We have stayed true, from day one, to staying on track when it comes to this blog. Every Wednesday night, the email goes out, and every Thursday morning, you hear from us on social as we’re sharing our latest post. It’s like clockwork – a habit that we have developed and cultivated over time. What have we learned from that? It is far easier to be consistent and stay there than to do things inconsistently and randomly. We created a plan for this habit, put systems in place to make it happen, and then did whatever it took to deliver. It wasn’t easy. There were moments when we didn’t “feel” like it. But today, as we hit send on blog number one hundred, that consistency is something we’re very proud of.

Many of us are excited to step out of 2020 and into 2021. Our challenge to you is this… professionally or personally, what habit are you committing to that you’d be willing to do one hundred times over? Envision it with the end in mind, let it evolve and change, do it with authenticity, and stay consistent. Then, find out where it will take you!

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