“I Don’t Think We Can.” You’re Right.

There’s so much to be said about how we show up and the effort our teams put into achieving our goals. Action matters. Without it, nothing ever happens. We never create anything, never build anything, and our goals never shift from dreams into reality. That said, there’s something else at play here, too. On the other side of the actions we’re taking every day is what we believe about ourselves. If we don’t get this right, we’ll never take action at the level we could or should.

What business does a marketing firm have talking about this? Shouldn’t we stay in our lane and blog about websites and logos and developing strong brand messages? Maybe. But here’s the reality… As a growing business trying to build something great ourselves, we live this topic in a vivid way every day. If we don’t master our limiting beliefs, we’ll never achieve our full potential… and neither will you.

There’s a fork in the road we all reach at some point as we’re growing our businesses and organizations. We see someone else in our field who is experiencing a level of success that we’d like to aspire to. Of course, this looks different for all of us, but at that moment, we make a decision, often subconsciously. We either believe that we can achieve the same thing or even something greater, or we believe that we can’t. In either case, we’re right.

If we believe we can achieve that next level of success (and we mean truly believe it), we’ll start taking actions that will move us toward our goals. We’ll dig deep, take risks, and tap into our faith in next-level ways. On the other hand, if we don’t believe we can do it, even if we’re saying we do, we’ll throttle back our actions and the way we show up to align with that belief.

“Yes, we can.” “No, we can’t.”

Whichever one you believe, you’re right.

The stories we tell ourselves dictate the results we create. Period. We’re not saying that if you just believe in yourself you can become an NBA superstar or the next Van Gogh. Obviously, there are some skills and natural abilities required to reach certain goals. But here’s the reality… For many of us, our beliefs are the one thing that is holding us back. If we can unpack those limiting beliefs, we can unlock potential that we never thought was possible.

Here’s a personal example. As a kid who watched his dad bump into challenges running a family business, one that only recently started reaching anything close to its real potential, limiting beliefs have always been a challenge for me. I learned at a young age that success was reserved for other people. It wasn’t until recently that I came to realize this was a lie and a limiting belief. Now, calling it out for what it really is, I know there’s so much more out there. There’s so much potential if we see it and believe we can do it.

Today, as we’re growing as an agency, we’ve having to embrace this on new levels. Hiring, growing, and chasing bigger goals require us to take more risks, step out in faith, and redefine what we believe is possible within our teams. It is exhilarating and slightly terrifying at the same time. It is also what is going to launch us ahead, make us stronger, and help us create greater results for our clients.

So many of you have reached out and shared your own belief in us. Thank you for your encouragement, for helping us see our own potential, and for challenging our own limiting beliefs.

Onward and upward!

Dive deep and look inside. What limiting beliefs are you holding onto, or even better, what limiting beliefs are holding you back? Get down in the dirt, name them, and then start to rewrite your story. “Yes, we can…”

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