Moving From a Minivan to a Tesla

“It’s time for a new website. I see it like this… I used to drive up to meet clients in my family minivan. Then I thought about it, and I realized that maybe a guy who works in tech should be pulling up in some tech. Today, I pull up in a Tesla. My only problem now? My website is still a minivan. I want a Tesla for a website.”

This was a conversation we had with a prospective client last week, and his words echo so many other conversations we’ve had in the past months. Businesses are assessing their websites, their print, and their digital marketing, and they realize that it might be time for an upgrade. They’ve had some extra time to evaluate how they’re showing up to their customers, and they see an opportunity to start 2021 off with something new.

Here are three areas they’re analyzing that can create an immediate impact:

First, they’re looking at their logos and even their brand names. We’ve done a ton of work in this space over the last three months, helping companies rename their brands and then create new identities and logos to carry them into 2021 and beyond. Renaming a brand is a big step, so what’s triggering this desire to rename? In some cases, the name simply sounds old and sleepy or is confusing to new prospects. In other scenarios, their businesses and organizations are evolving and adding new offerings to their products and services – their existing name no longer fits. And finally, some of their brand names have been around for a long time but are tied to legacy offerings that no longer apply.

The second thing that our clients are assessing is their visual presence. Specifically, on their websites and in print, how are they being perceived? If we can all agree that perception is reality, this is an important question to answer. When a customer or client first lands on their website, are they visually delighted and sparked to want to learn more, or is the site tired and dated? We’ve all had that experience… You meet someone who has a brand that sounds like a Tesla, and then you go check them out online, only to be underwhelmed by their minivan website. The same happens in print. Whether it’s direct mail or a brochure, when a prospect is holding your materials in their hands, what perception are you creating?

The third area that customers are evaluating right now is their messaging. The importance of clear, simple brand messaging is something we’ve been hyper-focused on for years, and you should be as well. How you tell your story, how you describe what differentiates your brand, and how you address your customer’s struggles and aspirations is the key to connecting. Pair a strong message with a beautiful logo and energetic visuals, and you’ve made a move from that minivan to a Tesla of your own.

Slow down, step out of your business and organization for a moment, and look at your brand through the lens of a prospective customer or client. Spend some time on your website, review your print materials and other digital marketing, and ask yourself about the three areas.

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