Bringing Bounce
to the Next Level

When we launched OrangeBall, one of the first things we did was to create the Story of Bounce video. That video planted the OrangeBall flag, letting the world know what we would stand for. It brought our intent to life. We would spend our days bringing bounce and visibility to businesses and organizations that were being overshadowed and crowded out by big, Goliath competitors. It was time to even the playing field.

That message resonated, and we’ve been working hard to live that out ever since. Our mission statement reflects those same values. “Our purpose is to impact the world by guiding others to unleash their potential with a servant approach.”

For the last eight years, we’ve helped many of you reach that potential. We’ve partnered with you, developed your websites, designed your logos, created your print, and helped you connect with your customers.

Along the way, many of you have experienced our Brand Bounce Bootcamp. We first introduced it two years ago on a fall day in October to a group of clients and trusted advisors. Together, we worked side-by-side, helping each of them understand who they were as a business, what differentiates them from their competitors, and why their clients should care. We had conversations about each organization’s customers and clients and walked through a method for creating messages that would connect with each unique group. It was a day where each of them walked out the door equipped to get more out of their marketing immediately.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked one-on-one with many businesses and non-profits, using Brand Bounce Bootcamp to help them uncover similar, powerful results. We also took the opportunity to bring 100 of you together last December for a large-scale, group Bootcamp experience. Every time we facilitate a Bootcamp, we love seeing how the teams become more aligned and how the brand messages get stronger and more focused. It’s electric to experience, and the stories we hear afterward about the impact are even more exciting.

That leads us to today…

This week, after months of hard work to make this a reality, we launched where any business or organization can download the Bootcamp exercises for use anywhere they like. From the kitchen table to the conference room, the same tools we’ve been facilitating in-person with our clients and groups are now available for any business or organization to use. Since we aren’t physically in the room to help walk you through the process, we’ve added access to 17 step-by-step “brand personal trainer” videos that guide users from start to finish. And, as an added bonus, we’ve included access to our Discovery Experience, a series of questions designed to work in tandem with Bootcamp and pull in the outside voice-of-the-customer.

One of the conversations we had early on when we launched this Insights Blog was that we didn’t want it to feel like a sales tool. We wanted it to consistently add value, tell stories, and help each of you get a little closer to reaching your potential.

With that in mind, we really feel like Brand Bounce Bootcamp is the next way we can help many businesses and organizations accomplish that… to truly reach their own potential and address some of the marketing challenges that are causing them to feel stuck.

here’s a free test-drive available at We’d love for you to take a peek at what we’ve been working on. And if you know someone that could use some help with their marketing, please share it with them. No high-pressure sales pitch… we just want this resource to get to the right people, the ones it can help most.

Thanks to each of you for all the support through the years. We’re eight years down this road, and excited to keep helping each of you bring more Bounce to your Brands.

– The OrangeBallers