It might not work… OR it might!

One of the reasons we’re excited to get out of bed each day is that our clients are just plain awesome. They radiate positivity, goodness, and just an all-around great outlook on the world and how they’re going to impact it through their work. They’re not the ones being sucked in by the dark noise. Yesterday, spending some time with one of them to discuss their vision for the future, they shared this with a twinkle in their eye…

“It might not work… OR it might!”

This simple statement was profound. How many times, as we’re working on a new project or wrapping our arms around some bold new vision, do we get caught up in all the reasons it might not work? It’s so easy to run on the hamster wheel of doubt and what if’s, fleeing from our goal rather than advancing toward it. We distrust our own abilities, fear the unknowns, and hesitate when we should be charging forward.

So what if we focused more on the possibilities rather than the uncertainties?

Don’t get me wrong… Knowing where the washed-out bridges lie on our journey is essential. Understanding the challenges we’re going to face, and educating ourselves on the obstacles is smart. To really be prepared for any adventure, you need to think about these things in advance and plan how you’ll respond when they do rise up.

You just can’t let them distract you from the prize at the end.

Our friend was right, “It might not work… OR it might!”

When our friend shared that with us, you could feel his excitement. In his situation, there are some “might not work” factors at play that could impact the vision he has. There’s some risk involved, and some faith required. On the flip side, his vision “might” work, and the upside potential, if it does, is amazing.

Some of you will read this and say something like, “Well, remember, we have to be realistic.”
We looked up some synonyms of “realistic” in the thesaurus. We found words like pragmatic, practical, prudent, reasonable, sensible, common, and unfantastic. Frankly, we’d rather fall on the side of “it might work” than settle for “realistic” words like those.

As you’ve read this, something popped into your head – something that just might work! Maybe you’ve been getting sucked into all the reasons it could fail, or all the reasons you should give up. Most people stop right before they reach a breakthrough because they’re afraid it might not work and they’re going to fail. Our simple reminder to you right now is this, “It might work!” Hang on to that today and push a few steps forward!