Unboxing Your Brand

There’s a term that is often used in package design called the Unboxing Experience. Simply put, the Unboxing Experience focuses on creating memorable moments around taking a product out of its package. It’s all about creating amazing first impressions before a customer ever interacts with your product or service.

Before you say, “We don’t sell things in boxes,” and quit reading, slow down for a moment. Whether you acknowledge it or not, your brand delivers an Unboxing Experience…

Think, for a moment, about the last time you unboxed a product. What was the experience like? Was it memorable or forgettable? Did it create any level of delight? What kind of first impression did it leave you with?

A few examples of well-done product Unboxing Experiences include:

  1. Apple – Open anything from Apple, and you’re immersed in their Unboxing Experience. Their packaging is created in a way where it feels sophisticated and special. Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, unboxing an iPhone or a MacBook has a specific feeling attached to it. The way the cover lifts off the box creates a subtle reveal where you meet your new tech for the first time. Simple in its execution, Apple’s Unboxing Experience creates an emotional connection to a piece of cold technology.
  2. Poppin – Ordering office supplies from Poppin, their Unboxing Experience included a handwritten note with a short, obviously personalized thank you. It made unpacking office supplies memorable and, as a result, led to more orders. It also led to a handful of conversations where we shared how much we enjoyed our experience. Again, they delivered a level of delight and an amazing first impression.
  3. Arch Addicts – Our friends are Arch Addicts have done things with their cosmetics packaging that includes messages around inner beauty, confidence, and positivity. Shoppers are purchasing a product but ultimately walking away with an Unboxing Experience that lifts them just a little higher.
  4. Pad & Quill – Another friend of ours, Pad & Quill, creates delight in an interesting way. When you buy one of their leather bags or an iPhone case, it is hand-signed by the craftsman who handmade it for you. Like Poppin, picking up a pen can be one of the easiest ways to initiate memorable brand moments.

Go back to the beginning… This is all about the moments. It’s all about creating memorable first impressions.

With that in mind, what’s your brand’s Unboxing Experience? When we engage with your business, product, or service for the first time, what are we going to remember? What is going to stand out, and how are you going to create moments of delight?

Our challenge this week is simple. Define what your brand’s Unboxing Experience looks like. Even more important, from your customer’s perspective, what does it feel like? When you define the first impression you want to create, and then HOW you deliver that feeling, you’re taking the first steps to create your own delight-inducing Unboxing Experience.

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