Taking a Moment to Celebrate Who We Are Together

It seems fitting, with the Fourth of July just around the corner, to take a moment and celebrate America. As in, to celebrate all of us, you and I. Americans. The individuals who make us who we are as a country. No matter where you fall along the political divide we’re experiencing, one thing we can agree on is that when we come together, we can do anything.

We know this is true because we see it every day…

We see it in the entrepreneurs and clients we work beside, taking risks to start businesses and create employment. They’re volunteering with their teams in their communities and using their businesses to help support and fund organizations that speak to their hearts. And, they’re working side-by-side to help support other business owners. Knowing that we are more powerful together than alone. That’s America.

We also see it in the non-profits we partner with who are impacting their communities and fellow Americans. Some are focusing their attention on creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and some are bringing leadership and adventure to our youth. Some are working with new immigrants to help them gain employment and learn new skills, and others are feeding the homeless and less fortunate in their own backyard. We’ve seen organizations focused on those with spinal injuries, and others who are helping new entrepreneurs to get started. What they’re concentrating on may be very different, but in each case, they’re reaching beyond themselves to help others. That’s America.

Last, we see it in the community where our offices sit, as local government is doing its best to serve and reach their neighbors. It’s been our privilege to partner with both cities and counties who are working hard to provide for the needs of their residents, businesses, and guests every day. From keeping our green spaces clean and beautiful to providing access to mental health, libraries, and education, they are stepping up to play their part and make all of our lives better. That’s America.

There’s so much more we could say about each of these areas. America, at the end of the day, is a pretty awesome place to be. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it, in our humble opinion, the best place in the world to be? Yep.

So, let’s celebrate it, appreciate it, and come together as one this Fourth of July.

Happy Birthday America!