Push to Elevate

Push to elevate. This is one of the six values that we’ve embraced at OrangeBall, and it’s a concept that we use to guide our decisions and measure our work with clients.

We believe that pushing elevation is a responsibility shared by all leaders, team members, and employees no matter their title or role. Each of us experiences personal challenges, moments when we feel stuck, or times when out teams face obstacles that appear overwhelming. Over and over again, in our experience and our conversations with clients, the difference between success and failure was a voice challenging the status quo with elevated thinking.

Sometimes this challenge comes from a single voice, and sometimes there are multiple voices. Sometimes it’s a voice from inside the team, and sometimes it’s a voice with an outside perspective. Sometimes it’s the voice of a leader, and sometimes it’s a voice without a title. It’s never the voice of someone who is willing to settle, willing to accept less than the best, or be pulled down by negativity.

We push our clients to elevate every day, approaching their marketing from the perspective of where they’re going, not where they’re at right now. Every conversation is focused on the future of their brands, driving growth and heading toward their long-term goals. Sometimes pushing them to elevate requires nudging them out of the situation they’re in today to see the possibilities of tomorrow. Sometimes it requires helping paint a picture of what tomorrow could look like if they think big. Sometimes helping them elevate requires a loving shove.

Wherever you’re at today, use your voice. Seize the moment and be the one that helps push those around you to elevate everything they do. Push your teams to elevate their collaboration, your organizations to elevate their work, and your family and friends to elevate their life experiences. Be the voice that challenges the status quo and inspires all those around you with possibilities they may not see and the drive to achieve more and go bigger.

Today is your day – it’s time to push!