Maximizing Your QQS Rating (My What…?)

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes about what he calls his “QQS Rating” and how this simple formula impacts our ability to sell our products and services. Here’s a quick explanation of his rating system and the one piece of the system that dictates success or failure in all we do…

The first “Q” is tied to “Quality of Service.” Hill is talking about the overall quality of whatever product or service we offer. How does each detail perform? Based on quality, does the product or service deliver what we say it will and exceed expectations? Is the quality of what we’re offering OK, good, or great?

The second “Q” is tied to “Quantity of Service.” Here, Hill refers to our ability to deliver our product or service in a repeatable fashion. Is what we’re providing scalable, and are we doing it efficiently? Can we deliver over and over and over again without stumbling?

We could end right here and call this the “QQ Rating.” It would be a good way to measure our success and whether or not we were doing well in our businesses or professionally.

Fortunately, Napoleon Hill didn’t stop there. He added the “S” to his rating system.

The “S” is tied to the “Spirit of Service.” In other words, are you delivering quality and quantity in your products and services WITH personality and harmony? Quality and quantity aren’t enough on their own – these three measurables are all tied together in a very intimate way. By adding the reference to Spirit, Hill is nudging us in the area of our attitude and how we show up every day.

As he explains in the book, referencing a scripture, we reap what we sow. With that in mind, when we sow a good spirit in all we do, that will lead us to a good harvest later on. We may not see it at the moment, but it will come eventually. We’re all creating our reputation, day-by-day and interaction by interaction, and what we create will be attracted back to us. We’re magnetic to the energy we put out into the world.

Think about your circle – the people on your team, your customers and clients, and individuals in your network. It won’t take you long to identify the ones who have captured the Spirit of Service that Napoleon Hill was talking about… as well as the ones that don’t. The challenge for all of us today is to land on the right side of that question.

Quality + Quantity + Spirit. Reflect on all three of those areas today, and specifically, check your spirit. As Hill shares in Think and Grow Rich, “Nothing, however, can be successfully substituted for pleasing conduct.”

Curious about the book Think and Grow Rich? You can find it here.

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