One in a Row

It can be really easy to get caught up in the numbers and quantity, losing sight of the wins that hold the most significance. Today, we’re celebrating the number one. The original. The beginning. The moment that opened the door.

Do you remember when you tried something new for the first time? Riding a bike, shooting a free throw, or doing a cartwheel? The first time is never easy, and in most cases requires some falling down and failure along the way. There will be misses, and there will be tumbles whenever you try something new. But then it happens… the first time you nail it. You pedal without falling, you make the free throw, or you stick the cartwheel. Remember what the first time feels like?

One in a row.

As we’ve been working over the past two years to craft Brand Bounce Bootcamp, we’ve run hundreds of people through this program to help them clarify their brand message. It’s been challenging, and there have been a ton of refinements and twists along the way. But, looking back for just a moment, it’s powerful to reflect on the first group we tested Bootcamp with. They were a room full of our trusted partners, friends, and clients – all eager to help us. We had done all the work, refined the process as best we could and were ready to put it to the test. It was as close to perfect as we could expect that day, and we left with some opportunities for improvement. Nonetheless, it created a group of raving Bootcamp fans, and at the end of that first day, everyone’s brand had more Bounce.

Building on the first one.

From that first session that proved the idea, we built. We perfected and we polished, honing the tools to improve them and elevate the impact they would create for all the Bootcamp clients who have come after. There has been a lot of “blood, sweat, and tears” poured into this process to make it great and enhance the value we’re delivering. Even now, we just spent time shooting a series of video tutorials that will take this experience to the next level. But in the background, we know that the group of friends and colleagues who walked with us through that first Bootcamp were the key to opening the door to the potential it has today.

What’s your “one in a row?”

You probably have something in front of you today that is new and unfamiliar. There may be a new product you’re launching or a new service you’re going to offer. Maybe it’s a new project that is going to stretch you beyond your comfort zone. That can be scary. Our encouragement to you is to chase your own “one in a row.” Don’t get so caught up in making it perfect from the get-go, or making ten shots in a row. Start with one.


Whatever opportunity you have sitting in front of you, focus first on your “one in a row.” And once you achieve it, celebrate! Don’t get so caught up in the long term goal that you miss the chance to get excited about your first wins along the way. This is even more important when you’re working with a team. Live a little and party over your first wins!