Doing the Little Things Over and Over…

We’re going to keep this message short today for a good reason. We talked a bit the other day about the “B” word… busy. Today, we’re in the midst of a busy transition. The kids are back to school, schedules are readjusting, and as fall has arrived, there’s been new energy in the air. All of a sudden, the calendar feels a little more full. Our time is just a little more precious.

With that on our minds, we’re replacing the “B” word with the “C” word… Consistency.

We’ve talked about consistency here in the past. The last time we wrote about it was when we published blog number 100. Today, this is blog number 139. We’re coming up on year three of consistently publishing this blog every week, 139 times in a row. Through the busy weeks, the pandemic, weeks where we were traveling, and times when it felt a little more challenging to write something worth reading, we’ve remained consistent.

Why? We know there’s value in what we’re sharing, both for you as the one who’s reading this right now and for us as a business. Creating this each week matters, even when it feels like it would be easy to skip it.

The same is true for you in your work and business and personal lives. When we do the little things over and over again consistently, we create an impact. We stack our wins. We build something over time that adds value and makes the world a little better.

Do the small things over and over and over again, consistently. Ask yourself today, “What can we be doing consistently that will add value within our circle and delight our customers and clients?” Figure out what the answer to that question is, and then do it… consistently.

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