Bring the Magnetic Energy

In your office, when you meet a client, at home with your family, or when you’re meeting up with friends… What kind of energy are you bringing with you into the room?

As in, do people want to be around you, work with you, and spend time with you? Do you elevate the positivity in the room, or does an air of negativity follow you around? Are you bringing an exhausted and tired vibe to your meetings and interactions, or are you engaged, excited, and awake? Are you magnetic?

We believe that the answer to these questions is something we all choose.

It can be easy to say, “That’s just not me. That’s not my personality.” Here’s the reality. You may not be Bubbly Betty, Exuberant Ernesto, or Dynamo Dietrick. That’s fine. The good news? You don’t need to be bubbly, exuberant, or a dynamo to be magnetic! Here’s what you do need…

Authenticity – Above all else, you need to show up as real and genuine. People are naturally attracted to those who have dropped their need to appear perfect and elevate themselves. You become magnetic when you show up as your authentic self, even letting a few imperfections show through.

Compassion – Trying to understand what it’s like to stand in someone else’s shoes, whether they’re a client, a coworker, a friend, or family member, is essential to creating a magnetic life. When we step out of our own circumstances and try to understand someone else’s, we immediately draw people in.

Presence – We hit on this above. When you walk into a room or step into a virtual conversation online, are you bringing any energy with you? Are you awake and engaged, fully present in the moment, or are you multitasking and distracted? When we carry the energy of someone who is fully-present and alive into our interactions, we amplify our magnetism.

Generosity – This is an important concept we can’t miss. If our approach to life is all about us and what we’re going to receive, we’re missing the whole point. Being magnetic to the people around us has to include being a giver and looking for ways to add value in all we do. That doesn’t mean we can’t ask for things – we simply can’t make those asks our only priority.

Positivity – We’re not talking about the “sun is always shining, and rainbows are shooting out of me” kind of positivity here. Sometimes that can feel like a bit much. Rather, we’re searching for the “this is a new, unexpected challenge, but I refuse to let negativity take over” kind of positivity. When we can approach obstacles with confidence, that’s magnetic.

Be aware of how you’re showing up. Bring authenticity, compassion, presence, generosity, and positivity with you wherever you go, and you will naturally become magnetic. Anyone can do this, even you.

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