Today, More Than Ever, We Could All Use a Little Grace

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve all been pushed out of our comfort zones… and we mean pushed. Like a bird getting kicked out of the nest, we’ve all had to learn to fly quickly. With that, there have been glitches, hitches, and malfunctions. Technology doesn’t always cooperate, kids invade our Zoom calls, and the way we’ve always done things has been uprooted in ways we could have never expected. In the middle of all that, there’s one thing we can all share a little more of – Grace.

Here’s what we mean…

Today, we’re all having to innovate on-the-fly. Restaurants have had to adapt how they serve their customers rapidly. Manufacturers have had to shift what kind of products are flowing through their lines quickly. Business coaches and contractors have tailored the ways they engage their clients. Sales teams have revisited how they prospect and market their products and services. Non-profits have dramatically altered their fundraising strategies. In the midst of all that, we’re all trying to redefine what our version of “business-as-usual” looks like – in a very unusual environment.

With that in mind, each of us has one thing we can share that is more valuable than all the rest – grace. When things don’t go perfectly, or our flow gets disrupted, we need to dig deeper into compassion and goodness – even if we’re disappointed or let down. When the technology is glitchy, or the process has some hiccups, or we wait longer than we’d like, our ability to give grace is what will make this better for all of us.

For so long, we’ve loved talking about failure and putting it on a pedestal. “Try something new and fail; it’s ok. It’s part of growing!” That was fine in January, but now some of those failures are coming more often, and they’re more visible. Today is the time where more than ever, we need to share in each other’s failures and embrace the idea that taking a swing is more important than hitting home runs.

Remember this… perfection has never been a reality. It wasn’t before, and it won’t be moving forward. For the time being, we’re going to give people some additional slack, and some room to figure this all out. As they’re making progress, we stand beside them to celebrate their wins. As they’re trying and falling short, we need to empathize with their challenges. And, we need to do it all with grace as our focus.


Make grace your go-to this week – even amid all the glitches, hitches, and malfunctions. Remember, we’re all working through this together, and day-by-day, we’ll get through this.

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