You Are Enough…

This was all supposed to be done by now. Remember in May, when we told ourselves that fall would be the end of COVID and we’d be happily transitioning into our “new normal” lives? Well, the temperatures are shifting, the leaves are changing, the days are getting a little shorter… and we’re not quite there yet. We’re navigating new versions of school for our kids, new versions of what work looks like, and new ways to stay connected. Personally and professionally, we’re being stretched in unexpected ways.

Today, in the midst of all of this, we want to share this simple reminder…

You are enough.

You’re enough as a working professional trying to blend your work and home life as efficiently as possible. You’re enough at that moment when your kids are asking you to help them with their math, and it all looks like a garbled mess. You’re enough when you’re being asked to do more with less at work, in an environment that used to just be your living room, but now doubles as your home office. You’re enough when you’re trying to be there for your family and friends, but social distancing puts up walls.

You are enough.

Maybe this isn’t you. Maybe you feel like you have it all under control. The reality is, though, that there’s someone out there right now reading this who needs to hear this… probably many of us…

We’re walking through some crazy times right now, times that are testing us in ways we could have never expected. Like we said earlier, some of us thought we’d be out of the woods by now – but we’re still here. Words like “resilience” and “adaptability” can be great motivators for us, but sometimes those words can fall a little flat as well. Sometimes it feels like we need a new word for what we’re experiencing. Merely calling these “pivots” doesn’t really capture the essence of these challenges or the courage and strength required from us right now.

In the middle of all this, it can be easy to have those moments where we feel run over. There’s no way to escape it. As business owners, leaders, professionals, parents, and regular old humans, it can be easy to feel defeated from time to time. We can’t juggle it all, we can’t get to it all, we can’t do it all. We’re not enough.

Whoever told you that, or made you feel like that, is a liar. Even if it was you who told yourself.

You are enough.

There’s power in stepping back and realizing that this is a global experience… that we’re all being impacted by it on some level. You’re not alone as a business owner or leader having to make tough decisions. You’re not alone as a member of your team who is being stretched, or as a parent who suddenly took on the additional role of a school teacher. You’re not alone as a young professional or a seasoned vet trying to figure out what comes next. You’re not alone as a person who’s trying to hold this all together but feels tired sometimes.


Slow down and look around at all of the amazing ways you’ve shown up through this pandemic. Celebrate some of those small victories, and the places where you’ve stretched yourself further than you knew you could. And then, look at the people around you, and celebrate their “enough-ness” with them as well. Let’s pick each other up right now, share this experience together, and take one more step forward.

You’re not just enough. You are more than enough. Claim that today.

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