What Does Perfect Look Like?

Years ago, sitting in a meeting with a client as we were discussing a project, the following question came up, “What does perfect look like?”

We’ve continued coming back to that question ever since.

Stop and think about whatever you’re working on right now. It might be a small project, or possibly it’s something larger, a more long-term endeavor. It might be something you’re working on solo, or perhaps you’re developing something with your team. It might be an internal project, or perhaps it’s a collaboration with an outside client or multiple external teams. It might be your 1, 3, or 7-year goals.

With these in mind, and thinking about the outcome you’re trying to create, ask yourself, “What does perfect look like?”

Now put a spin on this, and think about your life outside of work. Consider your relationships with family and friends. Stop for a moment and look at your health and wellbeing, and the ways you’re connecting with others and making play a part of your life.

With these in mind, and thinking about the lifestyle you’re trying to create, ask yourself again, “What does perfect look like?”

Whatever you’re doing, personal or professional, slowing down to think aspirationally for a moment and envision perfect is powerful. Think of it like planning for a trip. You’re going to set your destination, choose how you’ll get there, and visualize what you’ll do when you get there. How will it feel when you arrive? All of these things play into creating a plan and figuring out what you need to do to make it a reality. This is the importance of asking yourself, “What does perfect look like?”

Now for the twist…

There’s a second question you need to ask yourself, “Are my actions aligned to my aspiration?” If you only envision perfect, but don’t tie your actions to creating it, you’ll always fall short.

Speaking of falling short, let’s address that. Is perfect attainable? In some cases, probably not. With that in mind, holding yourself to perfect as your standard doesn’t make sense. The point of sharing this is not to make perfect your measuring stick, but instead to use perfect as a way to get your thoughts and actions aligned and moving toward whatever outcome you’re trying to achieve.


Take one thing you have on your plate today, whether it’s a small project or something significant, at work or at home, and ask yourself, “What does perfect look like?” Then, go a bit deeper and consider the actions you’re taking to create that outcome, and make sure they’re aligned. We try to do this every day, with client work and our own internal projects and growth, and it’s making all the difference. We hope it helps you as well!

Thank You!

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