What Do They Really Think of You?

What do your customers and clients think of you? Do you know how they feel, or are you merely assuming you know? Are you guessing that since they’re not saying anything, they’re happy and satisfied – or will you find out they were unhappy after they move on? What do they love about you, and what blindspots are costing you dearly?

There’s a difference between knowing the answers to these questions and assuming you know the answers. Knowing is priceless. Assuming is dangerous and reckless. Our customers and clients are the lifeblood of our organizations, and if you’re like many of us, they’re our best source of referrals and new business. They’re the ones that talk about us when we’re not in the room.

So if all of that is true, why don’t we ever ask our clients and customers how we’re doing?

A few years ago, we began helping our clients uncover the answers to these questions. As part of Brand Bounce Bootcamp, we introduced our Discovery Experience, an anonymous online tool that clients use to gain insights into what their customers honestly think and feel. We designed this tool to remove the guesswork and provide an authentic voice of the customer for businesses and organizations that care deeply about their reputations and brands.

We’ve discovered some fantastic things along the way. As we’ve shared the Discovery Experience results with clients during Bootcamp, we’ve been in the room when they heard what their customers, peers, communities, and stakeholders really think of them – many for the first time. We’ve witnessed what it feels like to hear praise for a job well done. We’ve watched clients get emotional as all the energy they put into their work is validated by their peers and customers. “Yes, you are awesome! You are doing great work!”

We’ve also been there as they walked through some constructive criticism on their performance. “Here’s one thing you could do better.” The anonymous Discovery Experience format has provided a safe environment for their audience to air their observations and a healthy place for our clients to get a little vulnerable and hear that feedback. Many times this reaffirms gaps that a client already knows exist. Sometimes it exposes a blindspot they had no idea existed.

From the raving reviews to the open critiques, our customers have been able to answer the question, “What do they really think of us?” It’s empowered them in their businesses and organizations. It shows them where their clients are receiving the most value, and what their strengths are. It’s made clear to them the areas they should be working harder in, and where they have weaknesses. Most important, it’s placed them in a position where they can put their customers and clients first in a powerful way.

Our desire for sharing this is to light a fire in each of you to get out there and ask your customers and clients what they think of you. Let them know you’re curious about their opinions and want to continue growing and improving. They’ll be impressed that you inquired and will reward you with the answers you’re seeking.

Curious about the OrangeBall Discovery Experience? We’re excited to announce it is now a standalone service that you can take advantage of to gain insights on your own “voice of the customer.” Previously the Discovery Experience was only included as part of the facilitated Brand Bounce Bootcamp. Today, you can take advantage of the Discovery Experience on its own, and we’re thrilled to share more about it with you if it sounds like a good fit for your organization. We’d love to walk you through the online process, how it works, and the impact it can create for your organization and brand. Contact us.


Ask, and you shall receive. So, ask. If you’re serious about your growth and continually improving your performance, this is a great place to start. Let your customers and clients know that their voice matters, and ask them how you’re doing. Do it sooner rather than later – don’t put this off. The faster you hear their feedback, the quicker you can make pivots and adjustments. Then, as you’re making those improvements in your organization, go back to those customers and let them know you heard them and are moving forward. The investment you make in hearing their voice will create a high ROI.