Who Do I Know That Can Help You?

Over the last couple of weeks, the simple act of asking this question has opened amazing doors. We’ve been able to help connect clients to people in our network that can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. We’ve also been on the receiving end of this, gratefully saying yes to referrals from clients and other agencies as well. It’s all grown from this simple question, “Who do I know that can help you?”

If you’ve been a professional for any amount of time, you’ve begun creating a network. Each month and year adds more depth to the group of people you’re connected with. It’s one of the most valuable resources you have – your network opens many doors to you in your business and organization.

Even more powerful, and more important, is not how your network can help you. It’s how your network can help others in your circle. First, you’re able to look at someone and say, “I know someone who can help you with that.” Second, you’re helping to build up the businesses and organizations you’re creating the connection with. The impact is two-fold and immensely powerful.

Too many times, we get busy and neglect to make these connections. It’s easy to get pulled in to the fire drills and busy-ness of work and forget about these simple introductions. This kind of networking requires you to be very intentional. Yes, we all know some people who naturally feed off the energy. If that’s not you, that’s ok. Schedule short amounts of time with yourself to make this happen.

How do you know which connections to make? It’s simple. Listen. If you listen actively, the people you work with will let you know where they’re experiencing “stuck” or have an unmet want. Then, with that in mind, run through your mental Rolodex and see if there’s someone you know who can help. Listen first, then connect and see what happens. Call it karma or what you will, but the more you connect, the more those connections will come back.


Stop and think about the people in your circle. What have they told you over the past few weeks? With that in mind, make one introduction this week that you believe will be valuable – just one to start. It’s as simple as sending an email, a text, or making a phone call. Try it – we think you’ll like it!