What Do I Write Tonight?

Sitting here tonight to draft another blog, it’s hard to know what to write. Tonight, it feels like there is a dark cloud over all of us.

Nineteen children died in their school today – they’ll never go home.

Friends are experiencing health scares and illness in their families – they’re looking for hope.

The war in Ukraine continues to rage – cities continue to burn.

There’s a mental health crisis gripping us – many feel isolated and alone.

America is divided – focused more on our differences than what knits us together.

Maybe you’re under that cloud with me. Maybe you’re feeling that division in the world. Maybe you’re feeling isolated and alone. Maybe you’re one of those people looking for hope. Maybe you’re holding your kids a little tighter today.

The fingers don’t float across the keyboard the same on a night like this. I’m sad. I’m angry. I’m broken thinking about those parents whose kids aren’t coming home tonight.

This is a business blog, and maybe you’re thinking this doesn’t fit the theme, but the reality is this… Business is all about people, and people are hurting right now.

Like I said, it’s hard to know what to write.

Here’s what I do know…

Above that dark cloud, the sun is still shining.

It hasn’t stopped lighting up the sky – the clouds are just hiding it right now.

Under that dark cloud, we still have power.

It’s on each of us to use our positivity, one individual at a time, to break through that cloud.

It’s on each of us to reach out to our family and friends and check in on them.

It’s on each of us to share a smile or a hug with a client or a stranger.

It’s on each of us to be a light in the darkness.

The world needs us to be that light.

Our families, friends, teams, customers, and communities need us to be that light.

Be the light. Make that your business today.

– John

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