We Hired Him Because He Fits Our Culture…

It’s another week in January here at OrangeBall, and we have something exciting to share. Not only is it finally snowing here today (there are mixed feelings about that) – but we’re also excited to introduce you to Kegan Johnson, our newest web developer!

We could tell you all about Kegan and his amazing technical abilities. He certainly has them, and he will be a valuable addition to all of our clients in those areas. He’s proven that during his time as a contractor before we extended his offer. Technically, Kegan is the real deal.

What we enjoy most about Kegan, though, is the way he fits our culture and is aligned with our Core Values. When we measure him up against the list below, he checks all the boxes…

  • Seek to Serve
  • Positive on Purpose
  • Simple Done Well
  • Ask to Listen
  • Push to Elevate
  • Right Not Easy

In business, every hire matters, and ensuring you have the right people in the right seats is about more than whether or not they’re technically able to do the work. If you’re in the crowd reading this right now, within the OrangeBall circle, you know how much culture matters. For our friends and clients, culture is more than just a mission statement on a wall. It means something. It’s the standard we’re building our business on and how we measure the right fit within our teams.

Kegan is the right fit, so today is all about welcoming him and letting all of you know that he’s a resource who will be helping bring Bounce and Simple Done Well solutions to your projects and challenges.

With that, welcome to the team, Kegan!


One additional thing to add, and this is not to be missed. We didn’t find Kegan through an online post or intensive job search. A friend in our network reached out to us and said, “I know someone that I believe will be valuable for you to meet.” In this case, one simple intro led to a conversation, a test drive, and a hire… all launched into orbit with a friendly share. You can create similar connections; doing so takes no energy at all.

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