Underneath, We’re All Humans

The last two weeks, we’ve been blessed with multiple conversations that started focused on business and growth but quickly shifted to something more profound. While discussing strategies and systems, the people we’ve sat with opened up about things like loyalty, integrity, trust, and empathy. These conversations shared one common thread. The real growth and ROI we’re all chasing comes through people, from the humans we call clients, coworkers, friends, and family.

Here are some of the vivid reminders we walked away with…

One of the non-profits we partner with shared their clients’ desire to feel heard, to be understood, and to find a place they can call home. Serving a community that lacks most of the advantages we take for granted, their focus is on helping lift up their clients and bringing them hope. They shared words like dignity, compassion, and relationships – things we all want in life. It all came back to the people.

A leader from a business we partner with shared some of the challenges they’ve faced balancing work and home – the same kind of things we face ourselves every day. We met on a day where school was closed, and they brought their daughter to our meeting. It triggered fond memories of going to work with our own parents – it was awesome to have her join us. They shared their drive to run a great business, but even more so to work with great individuals and to be an outstanding parent. It all came back to the people.

Along those same lines, a prospect shared this morning the pride they have in their business, a company that their dad started twenty years ago. As they spoke, you could hear in their voice how proud they were to be part of this thriving family business. It’s a deep, lasting connection to their father. And now, continuing to build a business that treats their employees like family is a way to honor their dad’s legacy. It all came back to the people.

We had additional conversations this week about the importance of integrity and honesty, and the need to value their partners, not treat them like vendors. We chatted about the intersections between faith and work, and the experiences we’re creating for our customers. We talked about doing the right thing for others, even when it’s challenging. Again, it all came back to the people.

People-first. If you can figure that out, the rest will come to you naturally. Our needs, and the things we want, aren’t really that different at the end of the day. Compassion, to be heard, to find hope, to build connections… we’re all more alike than different. That can be easy to forget. We hope this was a good reminder.


This week is a week for refocusing on what matters – people. Our real ROI comes from the people we interact with every day… our customers and clients, our teams, our partners, our friends, and our families. It’s a week to keep that in perspective and remember that behind it all, we’re humans who need to feel connected and understood. Give that gift to someone this week.