Time for a Refresh

Over the past year, has the business or organization you call home changed? The answer, without knowing anything about you, is yes. Of course it has. As businesses and professionals, we all exist in a constant state of transformation. Customer needs and wants change, the marketplace changes, our teams change, and our competitors change. Change is inevitable.

So with that in mind, shouldn’t your branding be evolving with you? How do you know if it’s time for a refresh?

Time to Refresh Your Look
The way your brand is represented visually is one of the first places to consider. Many of our clients come to us with one of two things in mind, their logo or their website. Either one may look dated, and they don’t want their brand to feel irrelevant to prospects. Or sometimes, a competitor has just completed a rebranding, and it’s time to step up their own brand game. Another common launchpad is a change to their brand name, which makes it the perfect time to revive their visual presence. Any or all of these can be a catalyst for updating the logos, colors, fonts, and marks associated with your brand to help you maintain your visual edge and competitive presence.

Time to Refresh Your Message
Your brand message is the next place to look. If you know OrangeBall, you know we’ve made this a cornerstone of our work, and we preach the importance of strong messaging all the time. The reason we’re so vocal about messaging is that we know a message’s ability to elevate your presence and connect with customers. It’s one of the most powerful tools you have. From a refresh standpoint, consider this… As your business or organization has evolved over the past few years, has your message evolved with it? When clients meet you online, in print, or in person for that matter, are the words you’re using to differentiate yourself in line with your brand’s evolution? Making sure you have the right words in place to describe who you are, what you do, and why your customer should care is critical.

Time to Refresh Your Technology
The final place to look when considering a refresh is at your technology. One of the leading examples of this involves websites that were developed years ago that are not mobile-friendly today. Mobile responsiveness is something Google considers extremely important, and it’s also something that directly impacts your customer’s experience with your brand online. No one wants to struggle to view your site on their phone. If it’s clumsy, or requires a lot of pinching and zooming, prospects will leave and make immediate assumptions about your brand. Other areas on the technology side that may trigger the need for a refresh include your SEO, e-commerce needs, and email marketing.

First impressions matter, and that’s the main reason many of our clients have come to us for their brand refreshes. Every day, the digital noise is increasing, and there are more things working to distract our customer’s attention. Standing out in the crowd and differentiating our organizations is more critical than ever, from our visual presence to our messages to our tech.

Just last week, we were able to unveil some of the work we had done for The McLinden Group as we partnered together and they transitioned to become TMG Consulting.

Their business had evolved, the marketplace was competitive, and it was time for a refresh. We worked closely with them on their messaging, helping them create a deeper understanding of the business and their customers. Then, we brought a new visuals to their brand with an updated name, logo, fonts, and color palette. Through the process, we focused on the first impressions we were going to help them deliver to prospective customers and strengthening trust with their existing clients.


Having read this, you may be realizing that a refresh is in order. And at the same time, that may feel like a daunting task. We get it. Our suggestion to you is simply this… Find someone to work with who will walk you through the process and your options, and develop a strategic plan for helping you create an engaging first impression. We’d love to be that someone – if you’re at a point where a conversation makes sense, let’s chat.