That Melon Has Already Been Cut

Often, in our businesses, careers, and personal lives, we catch ourselves looking backward, obsessing over missed opportunities and the decisions we should have made differently. “I wish I had done this.” “We should have done that.” “If we had chosen the other path, we’d already be there.”

Having a conversation the other day, we slipped into this kind of thinking for a moment. Then, a friend shared a saying that his dad had shared with him over and over again throughout his life.

“That melon has already been cut.”

Since hearing that, it’s been hard not to think about it. The meaning is simple. The past is passed. It’s already done, and all of the should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve conversations in the world won’t put the melon back together.

Those missed opportunities and decisions that should have been made differently are all behind us. No matter how hard we try, there’s no rewind button to press.

What we can do is this… We can go back to those areas and learn from them. We can carry those experiences forward and do things differently next time. We can acquire some new information, change how we approach things, and let our mistakes become the launchpad for future successes.

This applies to our businesses, careers, and personal lives – and there is massive power in changing how we think and talk about what is past.

That melon has already been cut. Pick up a piece, eat it, and learn the lessons it has for you.

Then, move on.

We’ve all been part of those should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve conversations. The next time you find yourself there, remember, that melon’s already been cut. Look for those lessons, adjust where you need to, and allow yourself room to improve and grow because of them.

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