Stop, Start, and Continue Your Way Into 2023

This will be the shortest post we share all year, with a simple concept we can all use right now… Today is the perfect time to revisit the concept of Start, Stop, and Continue. It’s a model we learned from our friends at Good Leadership years ago. Today, as we’re all preparing to step into the New Year, taking a quick look back at the past year is extremely valuable.

Specifically, there are three questions we should all be asking ourselves today…

  1. What should we stop doing? In other words, what are we doing today that’s not working or helping us achieve our goals?
  2. What should we start doing? Put another way, are there activities we should add that would help us move forward?
  3. What should we continue doing? Asked differently, what is working and helping us grow in the ways we want?

Start, Stop, and Continue is a model we use here, and it has helped us gain clarity on where we’re going and what will help us get there. Ask yourselves these three simple questions, and here’s to using them to help create great things in 2023! Thank you Good Leadership for teaching us this and allowing us to share it here…

From our team to you and yours, Happy New Year!

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