Simple Done Well

It’s time for us to introduce the last of our six core values, Simple Done Well. When we included this on our core values list, the obvious fit had to do with our design process and our approach to creative. What we didn’t realize at the time was how many other places this value would show up in our professional and personal lives…

Let’s start with some simple definitions.

First, let’s define “simple.” The dictionary describes it as being easy to understand or use, not elaborate or artificial. Other words that define it include straightforward, uncomplicated, effortless, and easy. In terms of “simple done well,” this means that sometimes taking a “less is more” attitude may be the key to getting your best results. Rather than over-complicating a process, it means finding ways to streamline how you’re getting from point A to point B. This concept of streamlining has the power to significantly impact every part of our professional lives, and our personal as well.

Deirdre Bigley, CMO of Bloomberg, said it like this. “Simplicity is taking something complex and boiling it down to its essence. Nothing feels simple in the beginning—everything is big and hairy. Simplicity is taking those things that feel complex and working them down until you have a solution that can be executed quickly, easily and successfully. Simplicity is never done.”

Next, let’s chat about “done well.” Whether it’s in your work or at home, a “done well” approach means working to the best of your abilities, never settling for OK or good enough. Even when it’s challenging, out of your comfort zone, or you’re busy. It means not letting the quality of your efforts suffer or dip. You set your own bar for what this looks like. Our challenge to you would be to set it high enough that you’re always stretching yourself just a little bit. Make “done well” your ambition, and then drive toward that in everything you do.

So what does Simple Done Well look like in practice?

For us, from a design perspective, Simple Done Well guides our work on a daily basis. We’ve folded this concept into how we create brand messages, with our step-by-step Bootcamp framework focused on simplifying the complex and bringing clarity to our client’s communication. When we’re developing website interfaces, the most straightforward path leads to the best customer experience. Resisting the urge to overcomplicate also influences our print work, logo designs, and larger marketing strategies. It’s everywhere in our creative process.

Simple Done Well also impacts how we run our business in a multitude of ways. It shows up in the simplicity of deciding to answer our phones with a smile and a cheerful voice. Jake from our team has a reputation for being able to take complex, technical digital marketing concepts and make them understandable for our clients. It’s in how we run our leadership meetings, where we use a simple, uncomplicated framework to guide us through our scorecard, accountabilities, issues, and solutions. You may not run an agency, but being able to simplify your processes with a focus on doing things well is something we can all rally around.


Simple Done Well can take a lot of different forms in our professional and personal experiences. It might mean untangling a process and eliminating redundancies. It could mean eliminating the extra bells and whistles from a project so we can focus on perfecting the core elements and making them stronger. It may be as easy as finding ways to declutter our workspace, control our daily distractions, or minimize meetings so we can focus on more meaningful areas of our work and lives.

We’re really curious how this fits into your experiences. We’d love to hear from you. What does Simple Done Well look like in your life, either professionally or personally?

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