What’s dirtier than your toilet? Your phone. (Google it.) BioArmor said enough is enough and developed a phone case with patented silver-ion, germ-killing technology. OrangeBall bounced in to create the logo, website and package designs to help market this great product. “Do you talk to your mama with that phone?” We do now.

OrangeBall Creative is my one stop shop for all my design needs. Most recently they assisted me with a complete website design, including a great placeholder landing page while they built out the rest of the site I needed for a new product  launch. One of the key attributes of this team is that they integrate across multiple platforms for consistent messaging. Their knowledge is essential to address all my needs for web based marketing visual applications for computers, mobile & tablet applications. The OrangeBall folks are excellent communicators, project design leaders and fantastic at execution.
Tracy Magnuson, Think Marketing