Is It Too Early for Christmas Decorations?

School is officially back in session, and the holidays are right around the corner. Sooner than we think, we’ll be bundling up, hanging lights from our houses, and deep into the festivities of the season. Our traditions may differ, but we’re entering a time of family, friends, and gratitude for all the blessings life offers every day.

It can be easy to take those blessings for granted from time to time. We often get comfortable in our bubbles and forget that people in our circles are struggling. Someone is in the hospital receiving bad news, someone just lost a job, someone is burying a loved one. That someone might be you. Not everyone is feeling so blessed right now.

Over the last ten years here at OrangeBall, our cups have been filled by relationships with great people, clients, and organizations. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning! One of those organizations is Best Christmas Ever. They exist to serve those families who have fallen upon tough times through no fault of their own… the ones in the hospital, the ones who lost the job, and the ones who are grieving a loss in their lives.

The vision of Best Christmas Ever began with a single dad battling Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in 2010. It was Christmas Eve, and he was looking at an empty Christmas tree with a sinking feeling that he would have to tell his young son that Santa Claus wasn’t coming this year.

Later that night, he heard a knock at the door. He answered that knock to see his mother and some other relatives with two huge bags full of gifts. Blown away as he felt the power of the generosity, he knew that what looked like their worst Christmas ever had become their Best Christmas Ever!

A seed was planted that night to pay it forward. That dad, Don Liimatainen, and a small group of family & friends worked together to give a surprise Best Christmas Ever to a local family, just as he had received. Since then, the number of families who have received a Best Christmas Ever has continued to grow throughout the United States, Canada, and even touched ground in Costa Rica!

Today, Best Christmas Ever partners with local leaders and businesses to bless each BCE family with a custom & unique Best Christmas Ever tailored to their unique family situation. Their impact stretches far beyond the families they are serving and is touching the lives of the teams volunteering to adopt families, raise funds, and deliver gifts each holiday season.


There are a few ways to get involved with Best Christmas Ever…

  1. Nominate a family you know who is in need this year. You’ll find details at the link provided. One thing to note is that the family you nominate must have at least one child under the age of 18.
  2. Captain a team and adopt a family to support this year. BCE Captains see Best Christmas Ever as an opportunity to leave their mark on this world; using their skills and talents, connecting their networks, businesses and communities to come together during the Christmas season to majorly impact one family each Christmas with the Best Christmas Ever.
  3. Donate today to help support a family. This is an easy way to help support the impact that Best Christmas Ever is creating in the lives of kids and families.

To answer that initial question, is it too early for Christmas decorations? The answer is “no.” And now is the perfect time to start getting into the holiday spirit. We all have the opportunity to help some family somewhere transform their worst Christmas ever into the Best Christmas Ever.


Learn more about Best Christmas Ever, and if you feel led to get involved, don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to start getting into the holiday spirit!

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