Bringing Your Imagination to Work

We spent part of last week on the East Coast with a client, running their team through one of our messaging bootcamps. Midway through our Friday session, the CEO shared his vision for the 2.0 version of his company: “Imagine entering the space… Customers will be greeted by… To the right, you will see… In this room, customers will experience…”

He shared his vision in vivid detail and quickly brought everyone in the room to the edge of their seats as he led them through a new future for their business. It was the kind of conversation that made the hair on the back of our necks stand up.

As he guided us through the experience he had built in his head, from what “2.0” would look like to how it would feel, it was clear that he had imagined walking through this new space many times over. He had invested time in his thoughts, envisioning every bit of the experience he wanted to create.

Watching his team’s body language, I could tell they were bought in. Hearing his vision for the first time, so was I. He didn’t bring any pictures or renderings on boards, PPT presentations, or business plan decks. Those things weren’t necessary. Instead, we only needed him to share what he saw in his head.

It made me ask this question…

How often do leaders invest significant time connecting with their imaginations? When planning for the next quarter or year or thinking about your next product launch or new service, could you explain your goals in vivid enough detail that your teams could see them without any visual aids?

Sitting in that room, listening to that CEO share his vision and heart, it felt like we were sitting in a very special place, almost like standing on sacred ground. I can guarantee you that no one who was there will ever forget that moment – it is permanently etched in all of our memories. In fact, I could repeat this vision to you right now with similar details just because of how he shared it first.

Have a vision for bringing something new to your business or organization? Follow the CEO’s lead above. Tap into your imagination, build your vision, and work to explain it in vivid detail so the people on your teams can buy in alongside you.

How do you get started? Reach out, and let’s talk… We’ll help you get clear on how to tell your story.

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