Jasper Guide Services had an existing website, but it just wasn’t reeling in customers. We connected with owner Dan Jasper and created not only a fantastic, mobile-responsive website, but we also created dedicated pages to specific lakes and cities within the area to help their website get more exposure to the right people. As well, the design of the site changes to match the fishing seasons. We wanted to bring some Bounce to Dan’s vision of sharing his passion for fishing amongst those around him. Through photos of people enjoying their fishing experiences, a user-friendly website, and informative information regarding each of their services, you get a sense of what to expect with your fishing experience with Dan. No matter the season, his goal is simple: to help grow the sport of fishing and help people experience it at it’s very best. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking to increase your knowledge of fishing or a first-timer looking to give it a shot, Dan’s mission remains the same. He’s committed to sharing his angling knowledge and expertise in a way that ignites other’s passion for fishing and fuels your enjoyment of being on the water in Minnesota. It’s safe to say, you’ll be hooked on Jasper Guide Services.